About Me

Phil Denoncourt is a software consultant, focusing on HTML 5 solutions utilizing the Angular JS framework. Also, over the past dozen years Phil has developed a wide range of .NET and web applications and has over 20 years experience writing software. He speaks at many venues in the New England Area on a variety of development topics. Phil is certified in a host of .NET Technologies including Team Foundation Server, Windows Communication Framework, SQL Server 2012, and ASP.NET. When not spending time with his wife and children, or 3d printing various gadgets, Phil is an avid fan of Boston teams.




Web Designer/Developer

Technologies / Libraries

AngularJS Ionic BootStrap lodash.js Knockout.js Jasmine Grunt Gulp Yeoman SignalR Phaser KendoUI Jenkins TFS WCF WPF ASP.NET MVC jQuery Microsoft Kinect Sensor Arduino Devices Microsoft IIS Microsoft Exchange Server NUnit fxCop Microsoft Enterprise Library log4Net SOAP MFC XML CSS Rational Clearcase Subversion Perforce Git RSS SQL-DMO TAPI Visio X.509 Certificates Resharper Visual Studio Webstorm


C# Typescript JavaScript Arduino Objective C C++ VB.NET HTML 5.0 SQL COBOL Pascal

Database Platforms

Microsoft SQL Server 6.5-2014 + Azure SQLite Oracle 8i-10 mySQL Sybase Pervasive SQL Btrieve

Recent Work Experience

P.J. Denoncourt & Associates, LLC Concord NH

Lead Consultant - 2005-Present

  • Consulting company formed to resell my technical skills
  • Spoke at many private and public conferences. Topics included: Angular JS , Typescript, SignalR, Internationalization in ASP.NET, Interfacing with the Kinect Sensor, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Data mining in SQL 2005, Speech Recognition in .NET
  • Integrated Angular JS into a legacy ASP.NET codebase. Helped staff refine their angular skills. Built directives, and services to add new levels of interactivity to the site.
  • Worked on new site using Angular JS and Typescript allowing professional coin graders to record their grades.
  • Wrote a mobile app to record mileage, and time for child neglect cases using Ionic, and Azure SQL.
  • Wrote a service that records data from Moxa proximity sensors, and other digital inputs to track the progress of patients through a medical practice.
  • Wrote an ASP.NET MVC site for doctor’s practice which reported on average wait time for patients. Used SignalR to keep users informed of data changes in near realtime.
  • Added features to a commercial product, allowing autocorrect throughout windows. Product was written in C++.
  • Wrote an AJAX enabled ASP.NET site for a fortune-100 sized auditing firm. Site had to be responsive to high amounts of interaction with large amounts of data. System helps analysts to research possible conflicts of interest for new engagements.
  • Wrote reference apps for iPhone using Objective C. Apps used OpenGL ES, Core Data, and Core Animation libraries
  • Wrote an Window Service which periodically synchronized the contents of a CRM database with Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Technical Editor for many published books.
  • Wrote custom reports for Team Foundation Server (TFS) allowing the team more insight into their sprint burndown.

Wintellect - Knoxville TN

Senior Consultant - May 2012 - July 2014

  • Worked on Line of Business app using Angular.js, Knockout.js, Typescript, and ASP.NET Web API
  • Wrote angular directives to decouple display logic from the business logic.
  • Worked on the creation of a highly scalable/high performing Service Bus for an international gaming company.
  • Wrote a series of intermediary services in WCF to serve as a façade to downstream services.
  • Created a series of TFS builds so that the project was continuously integrated, and could be deployed via TFS.

L1 Secure Credentialing Inc - Burlington MA

Senior Contractor - July 2008 - Nov 2012

  • Adapted internal product which governs the process of issuing driver licenses to suit needs of many states.
  • Interfaced with many esoteric data streams, allowing mainframes and other sources access to our services.
  • Product was written in C# and exposed web services using WSE3 extensions and Windows Communication Framework (WCF). Authentication was done with Kerberos and X.509 Certificates.
  • Reworked module responsible for sending cards to the secure card factory to be more tolerant of network failures, more configurable, and more transparent logging/accounting.
  • Troubleshot SQL database problems in production environments. Refactored data access to allow for significant performance increases.

PC Connection - Merrimack NH

Senior Software Engineer/Consultant - May 2006 - Apr 2008

  • Brought in to help write a CRP Package to track customers and associated activities.
  • Lead the services team, responsible for designing backend services to support the UI and other consumers. TFS Unit tests, self-health checks, performance counters and detailed diagnostic tracing were part of each service.
  • Integrated address data with Trillium Software to reduce duplicate entry and increase the quality of the address data.
  • Wrote guidance documents describing overall architecture and common coding practices.
  • Built a Rules Engine in C# 2.0 utilizing XML and XSLT. The rules engine allowed for various validation and assignment rules to be easily changed without a complete redeployment of the entire system.
  • System was written as a smart client using C# 2.0 talking to a SQL 2005 database via Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).

Fidelity Investments - Burlington MA

Software Engineer- Apr 2005 - May 2006

  • Wrote a smart client user control facilitating the setup of periodic withdrawals to from external accounts.
  • Wrote a robust data access layer in C# that supported database transactions, foreign key references, default values, and implemented a delay loading feature for increased performance.
  • Defined requirements for an Enterprise Container Framework.
  • Improved logging component performance by 50x
  • Built an ASP.NET intranet site in C# allowing managers to register for services.


Wentworth Institute of Technology - Boston MA

Associate Degree in Computer Science

  • GPA 3.261
  • Student President of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • Sophomore Student Government Rep.
  • Dorm Hall Student Government Rep.

Contact Me

PJ Denoncourt & Associates, LLC.
65 Noyes St
Concord NH 03301
Phil Denoncourt
P: (603) 821-0725